About the Band

We first gathered in 1996. During the autumn we rehearsed our first rhythms and in a wintery blizzard in december we played our first public concert.
Founding menbers included Arve Hinderaker on bass, Erik Rønli on drums, Steffen Schreuder on guitar, Arne Kolstad on trombone and William Helvik on guitar and vocals.
What we shared was a love and curiosity for ska, reggae and rocksteady music. We tried to play these rhythms in a way that aimed to be our own style. We all live in Stavanger, a coastal town in an more or less arctic land, and we tried to incorporate this chill and dark in the way we communicated through our playing.
Three years later we released our first album "Dreamtime", and by then Arne Jacob Hidle on bass and Jan Petter "Rulle" Taarland on keyboards had joined our ranks, together with Line Halstad on additional vocals.
In 2001 we released our second album, "Rockin' pon Top" and our new drummer, Ruben Rott Dalen produced and played. Four more new musicians in the group were Didrik Ingvaldsen on trumpet, Glenn Brun Henriksen on saxophones, John Lilja on bass and Børre Jacobsen on guitar and vocals.
The same crew was behind 2005's "Sugar in Space" album. With Trond Birkeland doing some additional keyboard colouring.
Our fourth album was released in 2009 and bore the name "Frozen Light".
During this stretch of time we have been playing live concerts., and received some fine reviews on both live playing and recorded music.