Desert Dub

By William Helvik


"Desert Dub" is an early version of the track Geronimo from the "Sugar in Space"album.
It is ., as the title gives away, a dub. Drums, snatches of guitar and vocals come and go. The strange songlike noises are different crickets from the Arizona desert. There is even a rattlesnake giving off warnings.
The musical highpoint for me is Didrik Ingvaldsen's trumpet. He blows high and low and makes improvised buglecalls worthy of a western by Leone & Eastwood.

John Lilja on bass.
Arne Kolstad on trombone.
Glenn Brun Henriksen on saxophones.
Didrik Ingvaldsen on trumpet.
Ruben Rott Dalen on drums.
Hans Christian Hansen on percussion.
Trond Tellefsen on keyboards.
Børre Jacobsen on guitar and bacing vocals.
William Helvik on vocals and guitar.

Producing and mixing:
Ruben Rott Dalen, Leif Bredland and William Helvik

William Helvik.