During the winter of 2001-2002 we kept recording our album "Rockin' Pon Top".
For one particular track, "Where You Are" we decided that the song should be part of an internal, musical journey within the songs, and that this track should mark a passage from big city living out into larger landscapes. The main charcater goes walking and slowly approaches a camp of hobos, making a fire and singing some old psalm. This psalm we made to be the aforementioned song and the singers were supposed to be drunk and a little hazy.
To attain this effect we invited a large number of friends, gave them lots of beer and whisky and demonstrated what words and approximate tune we wanted them to "perform".
In the end we all, about twentyfive of us, ended up more or less drunk. The end result points in the drunk direction too.
For our next album we recorded the song fresh, "Where You Are 2".
left to right: Terese Sørlie, Kim Stokke, Steinar Brandslet, Frode Goa, Børre J., John Lilja, Arild Inge Olsson and Kjetil Wold.