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So here is 2004 and the start of an intended trilogy. Science and mankind's position in deep space lies behind this idea for our brand of arctic reggae. As research revealed that there were trillions of sugary molecules floating about in what was former empty space of vacuum, other scientists hypothized that this spacial sugar was the final and deciding ingredient in what made life possible on our very earth.
So it follows that the title song bore it's name and lyrics reflecting this. The rest of the album's sound, both in playing, mixing and singing is sugary, as it well should be. We had a vision of midsummer nights in our northern twilight and that is where tracks like "Stars In Your Pond" and "Too Hot" is rooted.The former a kind of Narcissus dilemma, with ponds in our woods reflecting our besung hero's image.
"Geronimo" tells what a young man has to go through to grow up into full manhood. "Where You Are II" is both a continuation of the drunks choir on the "Rockin Pon Top" album and a Captain Ahablike travel throughout the world. "Are you Ready" is us celebrating the fullness of life, assuring listeners and ourselves that there is always more.
This is the second album in a row being produced by Ruben R. Dalen, and methinks that he blooms on this one. The sound is full, pleasurable without being bland, and the whole album is coherent and interwoven in music, playing and mixing. The couple of tracks that are stylistically slightly misplaced, do not destroy the overall feeling of the totality. This being deep in atmosphere and at the same time open and friendly.
This time around our trumpetplayer, Didrik Ingvaldsen excells too. He is, of course, a renowned composer, and musician in jazz, in his own right and he lifts tracks like "Too Hot" and "Geronimo" with subtle phrasing and choices.
This is an album being played both at private, in the still of the sheltered night, and at lounges and bars in the more sunfilled parts of Europe.

Feel free to enjoy

John Lilja on bass.
Arne Kolstad on trombone.

Glenn Brun Henriksen on saxophones.
Didrik Ingvaldsen on trumpet.
Ruben Rott Dalen on drums.
Hans Christian Hansen on percussion.
Trond Tellefsen on keyboards.
Lone Ungar on vocals.
Børre Jacobsen on guitar and bacing vocals.
William Helvik on vocals and guitar.

Producing and mixing:
Ruben Rott Dalen and William Helvik

Ruben Rott Dalen and William Helvik.