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In 2008 our native city, Stavanger, was European Cultural Capital. CCAP then released a collcetion of artist working here during that year. We made our contribution through this song "Dancing Desert". It's a snappy rhythm and the lyrics tell a story of the urge to leave decadence, sensationalism and stupidity behind to seek out more profound and true areas of the inner and outer landscapes. "Kicking television from my window", to end up with "sand on the horizon-sand in my eyes-sand in my bloodstream-sand in my heart".
What a way to go......

John Lilja on bass.
Arne Kolstad on trombone.
Glenn Brun Henriksen on saxophones.
Didrik Ingvaldsen on trumpet.
Ruben Rott Dalen on drums.
Hans Christian Hansen on percussion.
Jan Petter "Rulle" Taarland on keyboards.
Lone Ungar on backing vocals.
Børre Jacobsen on guitar.
William Helvik on vocals and guitar.

Producing and mixing:
Ruben Rott Dalen and William Helvik

Ruben Rott Dalen and William Helvik.