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X-Mas is a great celebration of light and hope. When asked if we would and could participate on an album of new X-Mas tunes, we eagerly nodded our yes.
Writing this tale of the loneliness of the sea town wanderer, we prompltly recorded it and added some bariton guitar and bells afterwards. The trombone playing is beautifuk and the long version on the album should be the one to listen to. Not that the video-version isn't more than worth your time.
Again R. R Dalen produced and played. Again your truly wrote tune and words and sang.
Calling Jesus-sitting with Buddha indeed, to a warm and full sound, filled with X-Massy touches.

Ruben Rott dalen on keyboards, drums and bass.
William Helvik on guitar and vocals.
Arne Kolsatd on trombones.
Børre Jacobsen on backing vocals and guitar.

Produced and arranged by Ruben Rott Dalen & William Helvik